Beard™ Wave™ Steel 2010-Shorty

Beard™ Wave™ Steel 2010-Shorty

Code: B-2010-Shorty


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Paul Beard says . . ."I decided to offer dobro steels in four different versions for the contemporary player. The 0000 model has straight ends similar to a traditional steel for those players (like Mike Auldridge) who want a larger traditional style bar. The 1010 has 10 degree angles on both ends. The 2020 has 20 degree angles on both ends. The 2010 (played by Jerry Douglas)has a 10 degree angle on one end and a 20 degree angle on the other. The benefit of this is that the player can achieve some fatigue relief by switching ends. It's like having two bars in one. This is my personal favorite. The 2010 slope difference is the shoulders are more rounded or sloped." Dimensions: 2 1/2" L x 3/4" W x 15/16" H Weight Approx: 4.1oz

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