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Cindy Cashdollar's   MA-6

Cindy Cashdollar's MA-6

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This 2007 MA-6 owned by Cindy Cashdollar is currently available for sale.
Personally chosen for Cindy by Mike Auldridge and purchased directly from Paul Beard in June of 2007, this guitar comes complete with signatures of both Mike and Paul. (see photos)
Features include Cindy's name at the 19th fret, a Fishman Nashville Pickup, and HipShot DoubleShot dual tuning tailpiece.
A document of authenticity and brief history signed by Cindy Cashdollar will accompany the instrument! This guitar has been played on many live and recording dates, TV shows and albums.
"In close collaboration, Mike Auldridge and Paul Beard created these stunningly beautiful, extraordinary guitars which combine unsurpassed artistry in design, construction and ornamentation. This models feature LEGEND TONE™ tuned construction. The MA-6 produces the distinctive Mike Auldridge signature sound... A huge, warm low end, with a sweet, crystal clear, bell-like high end, being perfectly balanced in between with awesome sustain. In original Tuxedo Black.
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call Denny @ 301-733-8271 or email denny@beardguitars.com to confirm availability of this once in a lifetime instrument.