Building to Order! Beard Deco Phonic Model 27 Roundneck

Building to Order! Beard Deco Phonic Model 27 Roundneck

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"DECO PHONIC" guitars from Paul Beard
This new series of resonator guitars from Paul Beard reflect the stylings of the Art Deco period in which the resonator guitar was originally developed.
Applying innovative modern construction techniques to create a vintage vibe and sound is what gives these new instruments their appeal!
Crafted at the Beard Mastershop in Maryland this initial run is available almost immediately in VERY limited quantities.
Available in Vintage Sunburst.
Get one now!
Infinitely Playable... Uniquely Collectible
From Jerry Douglas:
"The word "Deco" conjures images of a time when design was at its peak.
A period in architectural history unmatched by any other that put forth such remarkable images as the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, or the Hollywood Bowl.
Astonishing icons that still bring marvel and integrity.
The resonator guitar was born during this time and echoed art deco elements.
Paul Beard's newest line of resonator guitars honors that tradition in appearance and tonal quality. Beneath the historic exterior lie Paul's own structural advances.
By representing the original sound with the advantage of stability, it's only right that these guitars should bear the name "Deco".". . . Jerry Douglas

- Body:  Finnish Birch Veneer top, back, and sides
-Vintage Sunburst or Dark Vintage Sunburst
-Bound top
-Scale length:  25 inches
-Fretboard: Marado w/ dot inlays
-Mahogany Neck
-Bone nut
-Ebony/ Maple bridge inserts
-Golden Age Restoration Tuners
-Chrome Tailpiece, Fan Coverplate, with unbound F holes
-Beard Legend Cone™
-Original #14 Spider™
-Deluxe Hardshell Case
-Made in USA
-Available with Fishman Nashville pickup installed, add below
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