Attachable Microphone System

Attachable Microphone System

Code: GT-ABS


Product Details

The ABS is an attachable microphone system designed specifically for use with banjos and resophonic guitars. By attaching a dynamic cardoid microphone to the end of a small gooseneck cable, the ABS reliably captures the music you generate at the precise sweet spot where you sound the best. Attachment and adjustment for ideal placement is simple and easy. ABS is shock mounted to prevent the introduction of extraneous vibrations. With no exposed wiring, ABS can be transferred from one guitar to another in seconds. The ABS system includes a floorbox- type pre-amp which, when activated by a footswitch, will increase gain (volume) to punch out lead breaks. The ABS pedal comes with a 9-volt battery. For those who prefer a more constant power source, an AC adapter is available. Connection to the sound system is accomplished by a normal ¼ ” male guitar cable. Two ¼” guitar cables are required for connection with pre-amp and amplifier. ABS comes in a hard plastic carrying case with fitted foam inserts for the mic and pedal.

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