Genuine Beard Squareneck Setup

Genuine Beard Squareneck Setup



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Improve the sound and playability of your guitar with our custom setup. It’s a known fact that factories just aren’t able to properly setup every instrument. In addition, better after-market parts also make a huge difference. Our setup consists of installing a Beard BC-1 cone (Upgrade to a Beard Legend™ Cone for an additional $25.00), genuine bone nut, maple/ebony bridge, routing of the guitar top, leveling of the spider and bridge, installing new strings, adjusting the tailpiece angle, setting the action and cleaning and oiling the fretboard. Guaranteed results! We can setup all makes and models, roundnecks or squarenecks. Save $25.00 on pickup installation with all genuine Beard set-ups! Call 301-733-8271 for an appointment. Shipping cost is not included.