2" Webb Strap for Banjo

2" Webb Strap for Banjo

Code: B-200


Product Details

Webb Straps are constructed from the highest quality nylon, arctic fleece and hand-woven Guatemalan fabrics. It is unequaled in beauty and design. The banjo strap is a cradle design with quick disconnect shoulder pad. All Webb Straps feature reinforced lightweight and layered shoulder pads backed with soft arctic fleece, which resists slipping. Strong lightweight Derlin loops and buckles minimize finish scratches. All straps are made with non-staining materials to prevent finish damage from direct contact. Webb Straps are available in the following colors and designs. Black & brown leather, black, brown, Arrowhead(Gold on burgundy), Southwest(yellow, black, and white on brown), Guatemalan Stripe(Multi-colored bright reds, greens, blues, & yellows), Guatemalan Flame Stitch(Teal on black, red on black, gold on black, and purple on black) fabrics.

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