Hipshot Double Shot Tailpiece

Hipshot Double Shot Tailpiece



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When it is equipped with a newly developed HIPSHOT DoubleShot tuning tailpiece, as used on stage by Jerry Douglas. Imagine a world where you can change the tuning of your whole instrument mid-lick with the flip of a lever. Passages that were impossible before would become second nature. Effortlessly, musically and inconspicuously change from open G to open D or from open F to open G (and beyond!). It's like having two instruments in one! A world of possibilities will open up for you. Developed and manufactured in the U.S.A by HIPSHOT, the DoubleShot system uses a three component system to provide unequalled tuning stability. -The TAILPIECE is a custom designed mechanism made from polished aluminum and stainless steel, that allows one tuning to be set at the headstock while the second tuning is set with the thumb screws on the tailpiece. To move between them, simply lift the lever and all strings quickly and accurately change to the second tuning. Move the lever back and all strings move back to the original tuning. ***Please contact us for availability***

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